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Addition of Folinic Acid to Improve Verbal Communication

My Spectrum Heroes™ is proud to announce the addition of Folinic acid, a highly beneficial brain-nourishing ingredient, to our high potency multivitamin/mineral supplement. Folinic acid is a more biologically active form of folate (vitamin B9). It is found naturally in various foods, but at low levels that do not generally provide much nutritional benefit for growing children.

In keeping with our mission to enhance children's neurocognitive health, our powerful and scientifically-supported formula now contains Folinic acid due to its ability to improve behavioral and communication skills in children with autism [1-3]. Clinical research shows that children with autism who have an autoantibody that disrupts the transportation of nutrients to brain cells, experienced even greater communication and behavioral improvements after taking Folinic acid for 12 consistent weeks [1]. 

Enhanced nutrient absorption in the brain is a key mechanism for children with autism and ADHD, who typically struggle with nutritional deficiencies that hinder their cognitive development. That’s why the new and improved My Spectrum Heroes formula contains an ingredient that specifically targets dietary deficits that aggravate autism and ADHD [1-3].  

My Spectrum Heroes™ still contains MethylFolate and our other mental performance-enhancing ingredients such as Acetyl-l-carnitine, Choline, Coenzyme Q10, Inositol, MSM, MTHF, and NAC, but now children's growing minds can really reach their true potential with the addition of Folinic acid. 

We spend countless hours reviewing research that helps us understand the specific nutritional needs of children's developing brains and we will continue to offer scientifically proven nutrients that support the growth of brain cells. My Spectrum Heroes™ heightens neurocognitive functions and its new addition, Folinic acid, provides even more support for children with autism or ADHD.

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