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My son suffers from chronic constipation. Other probiotics did not work. Our family purchased the probiotic essentials and he isn’t constipated anymore. Takes it in his milk daily and doesn’t notice that it’s there.


The multivitamin has helped raise my son's immune system!!!
My son has ASD and adhd. I can definitely tell a difference all around when he takes it faithfully and when I forget to give it to him. I have done lots of research on vitamin content, lack of, with children with ASD and this is the only one that offers higher dosings of the lacking nutrients. It has helped him succeed better in school, less fits, more control and awareness. I highly recommend it.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus

My son doesn't mind taking it at all. I mix with OJ. Waiting to see what happens in the next few days. He seems to be calming.

Love this!

My son is 5 and non-verbal; I think this has been helpful for him! I feel like he’s thinking more and not having as many negative behaviors.

This is an amazing product. The little timeless than a month) my son been using these ingredients.. he’s more alert. He’s also seems to be comprehending better than before we’ve been using this product. He’s telling me things, he’s never said before. He came up to me and said, “ mom my brain is hurting inside my head”. Wonderful, to know how he’s feeling. Thank you for this product and I’ll be purchasing again soon.

Happy with it

Happy with the ingredients. We haven’t seen any particular difference in our son but are glad he’s getting his nutrients. He drinks it in chocolate milk. He complains about it being mixed in, but he drinks it twice a day, so it must taste ok.

A winner

We’re very happy with this. My son drinks it in his milk with no complaint.

Allergen-Free and includes the key strains!

Once again, this one powder simplified our supplement protocol. It includes the 2 key strains I was looking for but had been unable to find in a dairy- and gluten-free formulation together. So simple. Mixes fine with water. I'll attempt gummies with it soon. Either way, so glad to have found it. Easily dosed with the included scoop.
Amazing customer service. (Again, hint for those ordering from Canada: UPS ground shipping involved a big brokerage fee but the UPS customer service said that it's included in the air shipping, and potentially with USPS, so you'll only be likely to pay the government customs fees. That's just my experience so far.)

The All-In-One Vitamin-Mineral I was hoping for!

So, we're early on with starting this product but it includes everything I had started for our kids in the next stage of our adventure but in one powder! (The supplements I had them on to get these dosages of nutrients included 6 capsules, 2 sets of drops, and one powder!). I'm very thankful to have discovered this product and have turned our first tub into gummies, which are being taken with zero fuss. Woo-hoo! Between this and the probiotic (which includes both of the key strains I was looking for, and is fully allergen-free), we just have 1 supplement to include in our bedtime routine for sleep, and that's it. So simplifies it. What a great addition to all the other dietary and lifestyle changes we have already made.
Also, amazing customer service, on many levels.
(Hint hint for those ordering from Canada: UPS ground shipping involved a big brokerage fee but the UPS customer service said that it's included in the air shipping, and potentially with USPS, so you'll only be likely to pay the government customs fees. That's just my experience so far.)

Amazing results

My son has been on My spectrum heros vitamins for about 2-3 weeks now. He is 3 years old with a speech delay and sometimes uncontrollable behaviors that I believe are due to frustration from the delay. We have seen amazing improvements. His behaviors have eased up. It is easier to reason with him and explain things as his understanding has improved. His vocabulary is expanding everyday. We had a family birthday party last weekend and he sang happy birthday for the first time ever! He used to be a runner and now we can take him grocery shopping without using a shopping cart. He has more interests in his toys as well and his imaginative play is amazing at this point. This product is absolutely amazing for us and we will continue to buy it!

Multivitamin mineral plus

Smell and taste isn’t so great but I mix it with orange juice and count down (1,2,3 Go Go go!) and it usually helps him! My son is 4 and non verbal. I am hoping the products help! I decided to get the vitamins because his diet isn’t so great!

Very happy with the outcome so far!

Have been trying the multivitamin and probiotic for almost a full month now, to give it a proper review. I am surprisingly very happy with how it has been affecting my eight year old son. I notice a good change in his mood and a solid decrease in his frustration/tantrums/meltdowns. I’m getting good reviews from school and he’s making progress in his ABA therapies! Spectrum Heroes is now about of his daily routine! And I plan on trying more products in the future!!

Really helps with focus and attention

Tried this(along with a DHA/PS supplement we'd already been using) out for my son since he has always had issues focusing and we've noticed a big difference. His teacher says hes more focused, doing better on assignments and tests, and is participating in class a lot more. I even started using it myself. I've always had problems with focus and and sitting still which is hard with a desk job. Tried this and was amazed how much more I was able to focus and not have to struggle to refocus myself when I did lose my train of thought.

Pros: It really helps with focus and did enhance mood a little.

Cons: Taste isn't the greatest so we picked up a kit to make our own veggie capsules for $25 and since taste hasn't been an issue. It also does make it look like you ate 10 pounds of asparagus when you use the restroom but that probably just the high amount of B and other vitamins in there.

We haven’t noticed any big changes yet but we are hopeful!


I started giving my son the multi vitamin for about two weeks 2x per day as recommended. His communication has improved and his ability to follow directions. I mix it inside his juice and he drinks it with no problem.

Great probiotic

Very good product. My kids won’t drink in water- but will take it in their OJ every morning. Love it!

Still deciding

I’ve been using the multivitamin for two weeks. I have to add it to his fig bars because he sees it in his milk. The powder is orange. I have not gotten to full dosage yet. Would love to see it be white a lighter color...

Good Vitamin D

Easy to dose liquid, great quality!

Our favorite Spectrum Heros Product!

We love this! Helped regulate my sons bowel movements and he is having much better digestion. It tastes so great!

Great strains!

Its hard to find quality probiotics without
Strep strains and that also has sach bouilardii. This is a win win! Just we needed for our kids

Amazing quality!

Really great quality, highly concentrated, clean sourced, fish oil! No bad fishy aftertaste either!

Great quality!!

Love this omega liquid fish oil! No fishy burp, easy to give, greay quality, and highly concentrated! Totally recommend!!!

So great!

Tastes delicous and filled with great ingredients to heal gut and reduce inflammation. Therapeutic doses of each ingredient as well! My kids love it!

So far so good

My kid has been taking the supplements for a month I am excited to see the benefits

Amazing product!

I have noticed a change in my son. Love it highly recommend