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Very happy

Tried so many supplements before i found out about Myspectrum heroes ,
our son would not take any of them because of there bad taste, since we
received our first order of my spectrum multivitamins he drinks all of it
with no problems ,

Good product

This liquid vitamin D is odorless ,colorless and easy to add it to any drink . I’m so happy with this product :-)

Thank you!

Super happy to have found this product! I did a lot of research to find a great vitamin in powder form for my daughter. It smells pretty awful but she doesn't seem to taste it at all in her milk!

Great product

This helps with building up our child's immune system. He still gets colds but he gets over them a lot quicker when using this product. They have amazing products and we continue to try out different products from this reliable company. Happy customer :)

Calm & Focus
maria atariguana
this help to my kids focus school

this help to my kids

Excellent product

I have used this product for over a year now along with the multivitamin and I have to say that I have seen a significant change in my sons eye contact in a matter of days. I highly recommend taking these together.

Super Omega Liquid
Easy to take

My daughter takes this much easier than any other Fish Oil/Omega out there even drops and no complaints of burping up an after taste.

Great Probiotic!

I didn’t realize how well this probiotic worked until we ran out. I tried a different probiotic but it did not work as well as this one. He has a BM now every day instead of every other day.

Super C Powder
Crystal Cervantes
Great product!

I bought this for my son with autism to help boost his immunity. I love that it's a dissolvable powder that mixes easily in his water or juice. He does not mind the lemon flavor. It smells like lemonade. Also it is a nice size product, should last us a long time.

Super Omega Liquid
Elizabeth CM
A good product!

My son has benefited from both the Super Omega Liquid. It is nice to know we are giving him a high quality fish oil product. His pediatrician was impressed with it as well. The mango flavor helps in his eating of it.

Best kids multi-vitamin we have found!!!!

So glad we came across the ad on Facebook and purchased!!!! Definitely excited to try other products out as well!

Decreases stomach issues

My daughter used to be quite gassy but this has helped a lot. I put it in her smoothie every morning.

Calm & Focus
Shawndreaka King

This item really do help my child stay calm.and focus in school 🏫 and even in the 🏠 house.

Gut Support PLUS Bundle
Melissa De La Rosa
We were skeptic but this is amazing!

Ever since we started using the vitamins we have seen an improvement in our son. He is non verbal And has been making many more sounds and even seems to focus and have better eye contact. The multivitamin he drinks easily with any drink. I have a harder time with the gut immune and digestive products we need to use them separately in drinks. But he drinks it fine that way!


Will definitely be buying again, seen improvement in many ways! Would recommend to any parent that has a child with disabilitys.

We love this product

Our son has been taking the multivitamin supplement for months with great results so we recently added the omega liquid. His therapists have been so impressed with his progress they asked us what we have been doing. We tell everyone about this product. It did take a little while for my son to get used to the flavor. But now he takes it no problem. Thank you!


l think this help my daughter.I am in the process of purchasing the multivitamin.

Calm & Focus
Erika Cruz
We love this

my son is 6 and we started to use this about a year ago. he has ASD and he behaviors, speech and focus have greatly improved! I was not sure how this was going to work for my little one but I am so happy I took the leap of faith! if you are on the fence i recommend trying it! I saw improvements in my childs mood and a world of other things in 2-3 weeks of her starting these!

Child would not eat

I tried this as both a shake and a frozen pop and my child was unwilling to consume it either way. I tried it myself and also did not like the taste or texture so I don’t blame him. Sadly for us this was a waste of money.

Must try

Before purchasing the product, I emailed to ask if this is solely for those within the spectrum, I got an immediate response. My child is just very picky and a lazy eater. This is completely undetectable mixed with his cold water. I tried it myself and it was really tasteless. I encourage parents to try this for their kids, it is worth it

Super Omega Liquid
Crystal Cervantes
Great product!

Since starting my autistic son on super omega we've noticed improvement with his hyperactivity. Also we noticed he no longer covers his ears while riding in the car. I also love that it has high amount of dha.

Very Good Omega Liquid

We are half way through bottle, but by the 2nd or 3rd week, I did notice my 6 year old son more focused during certain activities such as tennis and school work. I am still hoping for more progress with speech, though his communication/expressive/conversational language skills have been continuously increasing in general that I am truly proud of him and the great strides he makes.

Omega Liquid is a Staple for me!

I have a 6 yr old nonverbal son and I’ve tried almost everything there is to try for him. I was up reading one night and decided to order Spectrum hero and I am very happy that I did. Big improvements in his behavior and this is literally the only thing that I changed. It is definitely worth trying if you are skeptical. My son has extreme behaviors and any small improvement is noticeable that’s how I know it is this vitamin.

Calm & Focus
Nicole Fouche
A blessing

Our son has not been diagnosed with autism, he has been doing early intervention for 6 months. When he turned 2 he started to have tantrums 5-10 times a day. He was unable to focus and stay calm for therapy or even to go to the store. He woke up twice a nite and cried allot. After two days of calm and focus he has had zero tantrums. Sleeps better and gives eye contact and even speaks more. This has been a blessing to our lives!

Full of vitamins and minerals

This product has quite a broad range of vitamins and minerals which are important for young people's health, but I wish it was also available in a capsule form because the flavour is quite strong. Whether they help my children's behavoiur I'm not certain as yet. I'll come back with more info when I can.