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Works well

Product works well. I've noticed a reductuon in stemming and a greater focus. It took about a 2 weeks before I noticed a huge difference so don't get discouraged if you don't see an immediate difference.

Great nutrition for a picky eater

Our child is a picky eater (borderline troubled eater) and this supplement helps give them the vitamins they’re not getting from foods they’re not ready to eat yet. We hide it in their drink and they don’t even notice. We highly recommend it.

Calm & Focus
Ethan Sellers
This product is a cheat a good way

When our autistic child is having a hard time calming down or focusing, this product works within minutes to help. We put this in our child’s drink every day before school and it helps so much! We highly recommend it.

This product is…ESSENTIAL

Ever since we started giving this probiotic to our child on the autism spectrum we’ve noticed a great decline in sick days. So thankful we found this company.

Calm & Focus
Christina W
Helps to calm!

I have been using the product for the past three weeks with my son and found that his tantrums have lessened. He is also less agitated and calmer. Overall, he is a more pleasant child, smiling and playful. I will definitely order again. Thank you!

Calm & Focus
Rose Gonzales
Peaceful little one

Love the product, have two grandsons that are both autistic. The little one was having meltdowns everyday. Since using product he is more at peace, so is grandma. Thankful for your products.

Super Mag Powder

A must in our daily supplement routine. My daughter has less meltdowns and is super happy most of the time. Love your products!!!! I’ve been a loyal customer for 4 years.


Great products, his speech has greatly improved within days of taking this products. About to order more and I wish they can provide freeshipping for over $250 worth of items.

Calm & Focus
Jackie H.
Satisfied Customer

I was skeptical about ordering this product even after reading the reviews. After receiving the product and using it with hopes it would help my grandson, I am now a believer in the product. My grandson is much more calmer and is doing much better in school with staying focused. His teacher even commented on the change. I will be ordering another bottle real soon.

No real difference

Have been using the product for about 2 weeks in his orange juice and I havent really noticed a difference.

Best probiotic

I am a huge fan of this probiotic. My child is sick less frequently. I have noticed less stimming and that he is just happier overall. I recently switched to another brand and immediately noticed an increase in stimming and irritability, so I switched back and my child is happy again. This product does not dissolve well. I mix it in with lemonade and stir it using a handheld milk frother that I bought on Amazon for $12.

Multivitamin power

My son jake has been taking the multivitamin for over a month his behavior has improved a lot he is more focused and his behavior is much improved I'll be buying more

What a difference!

Our son was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago and has always struggled in school. We decided to not medicate and take a more natural approach such as his nutrition. I found this a month ago and have noticed a big difference. My son finally gets great sleep and is able to take on the day in the morning! We are so thankful that we have found My Spectrum Hero’s!

Fiber Balance Success

After reading some negative comments about prolonged use of laxatives in children with tics, we began a search for a safe alternative for my 6-yr old nephew who struggles with constipation. He has made a smooth transition between the two products. The Fiber Balance Plus is palatable and dissolves well in a small juice and water mixture when shaken. We couldn't be more pleased with this product that is keeping our boy comfortable. Thank you.


It works. my kid used to put everything in mouth, lick everything she get. But after two weeks this is improved and almost stopped. May be it takes couple of months to improve the cognitive health. I keep on the finger crossed 🤞🏽.
Only problem with this is it’s so easily oxidized. Very hard to keep it dry. I need some helpful tips to save from moisture.

Powerful Probiotic

When I first purchased this product I was taken back by it size. However, I decided to give it a go. It's odorless and tasteless, which makes it great for my son's smoothies! I purchased one container and a family member purchased a second. It wasn't until I ran out of the second container that I noticed a difference. I didn't realize how much of a difference this made until it was gone. This little guy packs a powerful punch! My son's even been asking to buy some more. Definitely worth the purchase. My son is on the spectrum but I feel like this product is a must for all.

Amazing Products

I've been using these products for one month and the results are mind blowing! My son has increased his vocabulary, eye contact, he's also much calmer and focused! Thank you so much to this company

Calm & Focus
Natasha Ferrell
My favorite yet!!

I love this product. I am starting to see changes in the way my daughter is not having too many meltdowns and is also focused.

Calm & Focus
Love This!

We purchased the calm and focus for my 5 year old son about 2 1/2 weeks ago. He has been taking it for 2 weeks now and I have noticed less behavioral issues but the biggest difference is SLEEP! He has been sleeping so well. We are so grateful!

So helpful

Ive been using this vitumins for my boys for 3 yrs and we love it.

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Calm & Focus
Ashley Vargo
So helpful

Awesome product will buy again

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Calm & Focus
Ashley Vargo
So helpful

So helpful for our two boys on the spectrum we love it wer getting a third bottle

It's a good product and it helps my child rest good

A good product!

This has been a helpful supplement for us!

Good multivitamin for Autism

This product is little expensive but I’m happy with it ,you can add it to his food without problem