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I started giving my son the multi vitamin for about two weeks 2x per day as recommended. His communication has improved and his ability to follow directions. I mix it inside his juice and he drinks it with no problem.

Great probiotic

Very good product. My kids won’t drink in water- but will take it in their OJ every morning. Love it!

Still deciding

I’ve been using the multivitamin for two weeks. I have to add it to his fig bars because he sees it in his milk. The powder is orange. I have not gotten to full dosage yet. Would love to see it be white a lighter color...

Good Vitamin D

Easy to dose liquid, great quality!

Our favorite Spectrum Heros Product!

We love this! Helped regulate my sons bowel movements and he is having much better digestion. It tastes so great!

Great strains!

Its hard to find quality probiotics without
Strep strains and that also has sach bouilardii. This is a win win! Just we needed for our kids

Amazing quality!

Really great quality, highly concentrated, clean sourced, fish oil! No bad fishy aftertaste either!

Great quality!!

Love this omega liquid fish oil! No fishy burp, easy to give, greay quality, and highly concentrated! Totally recommend!!!

So great!

Tastes delicous and filled with great ingredients to heal gut and reduce inflammation. Therapeutic doses of each ingredient as well! My kids love it!

So far so good

My kid has been taking the supplements for a month I am excited to see the benefits

Amazing product!

I have noticed a change in my son. Love it highly recommend

Eye contact

After two weeks of vitamins my son's eye contact greatly approved. I am very satisfied with this product and will continue to use.

Best multivitamin I have found!

We have tried so many multi’s, but there hasn’t been one that had all the vitamins and minerals I wanted, plus the added mitochondrial support like this does! The forms of vitamins used are high quality with good bioavailbility. The powder mixes really easily into liquids, makes supplementing a breeze!

Tastes so good!

Absolutely love this product and the vanilla one! It has every ingredient I was looking for all in one! Saves me so much time and money from buying and using each ingredient seperately. Amazing ingredients for healing the gut, and the flavor is delicious. We have been making homemade “fudge pops” with this. I add avocado, banana, nut butter, hemp milk, raw cacao powder and a heaping scoop of this. My kids can’t get enough of them!

Amazing product!

I love this product for my children. I have been looking to add in an IgG product to support their immune system and gut. This powder is great quality, easy to mix and hide in things, and clean ingredients. We started it about a month ago, the middle of flu season, and they have been doing great despite the exposure to illnesses at school. It seems to be helping some of their gut issues and food sensitivities as well. They normally eat a GFCF diet, but there has been some cheat meals throughout the holidays. I am not seeing the negative behaviors emerge after those foods like it used to. Highly recommend!

Seeing a real difference

My son is happier, more at ease, and more verbal when he takes this every morning. I put it in a smoothie with the Omega Fish Oil, berries, banana, DF milk, pomegranate juice (for anti-oxidants), almond butter, and spinach. We are using the full dose in one sitting instead of splitting it up.

Thank you!

So thankful that you have put together a great mix of multivitamin blend. Neurologist that we work with was also so pleased to see all the important ingredients that is needed to provide my son well balance diet. Mixing suggestion - I'm currently putting tablespoon of the blend in his daily yogurt and he has every ounce of his yogurt. Success!!

Multivitamin mineral plus

To soon to see any affect but my son has no complaints about the taste.

Omega liquid

Has no fishy smell !!

Omega liquid

It a great product my son's likes to take it everyday and
It tastes good

Absolutely Au-some vitamins

The science behind alllllll of these supplements captured my attention from day one. I have incorporated My Spectrum into Zohar’s daily routine including without missing a beat. Zohar points to the cabinet for his vitamins. He understands this is for his developmental health. Also Im a big fan of customer service - so receiving a handwritten thank you note was definitely an amazing personal touch... I think Zohar is going to sprinkle of my spectrum vitamins into Santa’s cookies because we all know Santa is autistic

Love it

My 15 year old started these at the beginning of the year and he was totally non verbal and lots of behavior issues. He is now talking and communicating with little to no behaviors. He also had pica and would put everything in his mouth he used a chewy and now he doesn’t need it and nothing but food goes in his mouth and also has helped his eating. I give it to him through out the day not all once dose.

Suggestions for Mixing...

It seems there are many of you out there that might appreciate some good ideas for mixing the powder so to mask smell and taste??!!
I have found several options for my teen boys that have made it very easy to give them their 1/2-3/4 tsp dose at one time.
I put 8 ounces of fresh squeezed orange juice in blender on low for maybe 1 minute and it goes right down without incident.
I also use chocolate protein powder with vanilla coconut milk and ice cubes and it’s delicious! A little bit of orange color shows through but nothing to cause alarm.
Can I just say part of the difficulty is how we as parents respond to looks and taste. If we act like it’s no big deal and smile the children are less apt to have a problem.
The blender makes a world of difference. I know it may take a couple of minutes out of your morning but it’s well worth it!!

BEST Multi Miracle Vitamin

I was really getting frustrated with all the choices for vitamins for my two middle school boys with Autism until I found My Spectrum Heroes. I took the leap and seriously after two doses I saw my kids with such a calmer demeanor and much more focused. Now we are finishing up out 2nd bottle and I have not seen any meltdowns at all and their compliance and ability to go with our flow is truly amazing! I am grateful for Denise, the creator and founder and her die hard perseverance believing that what she knows is real and is going to help hundreds of thousands of our special kiddos.
Keep it up Denise and Don’t Stop!

So far so good!

Too new to tell but no problem taking it.