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Excellent product

Our son drinks it in his juice without any problem. No significant unpleasant odor that we have noticed thus far.


Excellent product, our son drinks it in his juice or his water without any problems.

Strong, clean option

I think that this product does have a slightly unpleasant odor and we’re still trying to find a good option to mix this in to help with taste. My ASD kiddo takes a probiotic powder we just mix with water, so he’s not really picky. We currently use apple juice and will try orange juice next.
I do see a good return on the product. My child seems to be functioning with a little more clarity/less haze. He is also able to handle more typical environments without being overstimulated.
We plan to also put our child with ADHD on this soon. I just wish it had a capsule form or was more odorless. It’s pretty easy to dissolve.

Good product

My son is Autistic and his diet is limited. I love this product (Vit.D) because it has no flavor or color. My son gets the nutrition he needs from this lovely product, and thus, ends my endless search.Thank you

More talkative

I bought this for my son who has autism and a speech delay, He’s been taking it for 2 weeks now. I have noticed an increase in speech. He’s still scripting but he’s definitely talking more and his speech is reflective of what he’s doing.

Doctor prescribed it, quality product, i mixed it with the milk an my baby didnt noticed.


High quality product. Definitely would recommend. I just wish it was available in capsules, which my child can swallow. I have had a difficult time finding something consistent to mix it with that my child likes. He can tell when it is in something and then refuses to finish whatever it is in. Because of this he has not had it consistently.

My picky son loves it

I have tried other GI products for my picky autistic son and this is the only one he likes. I add it to his morning smoothie and he loves the flavor. Thank you so much!

Great Products

My daughter has ASD, she didn't even notice that I mixed the vitamins with her favorite juice, odorless and tastless indeed

I am happy with the probiotics! My son gets no tummy issues at all and has regular bowel movements. We mix it in his smoothies and he doesn't notice it. I will continue to purchase this product.

Great Products

We found these products searching for vitamins for toddlers on the spectrum. I have seen a major change in my 4 yr old less tantrums and more focused everyday. He is even more verbal since we started these vitamins awesome products we will be buying more products soon Thanks

Decreased tummy issues

My sons tummy issues have dramatically decreased since he’s been on this probiotic. He’s been on this product for 4 weeks and he doesn’t bloat as much and his bowel movements are normal. Love the whole My spectrum hereos line!

Great product!!

I found my spectrum heroes after researching the supplement needs for children on the spectrum. My son is 9 and is high functioning with Aspergers. He struggles with social interactions , anxiety and staying focused. He’s been on this for 4 weeks already and I’m seeing a world of difference. He’s less anxious, less angry, more social with his peers at school and his sugar cravings have subsided. His overall persona is very calm and happy vs stressed. The color does bothers him when mixed with juices so I found that mixing it in strawberry apple sauce works best for him. Love the whole line of My Spectrum Hereos!!

Super Great Probiotics

Both of my teen boys have been taking powder probiotics in their protein shakes every morning. They were ok but when I gave them their first scoop of Spectrum Heroes within an hour they were cleansing in the bathroom. It didn't stop there though... I can tell they feel better in general because they have not been upset or misbehaving in any way for a couple of weeks now. We just used our last scoop this morning and its a Sunday!! I wish the jars were larger though because this does not last if you have two children! I really believe Denise is on to something with all of her products for our Special Kids! We use the Spectrum Heroes Multi vitamin also and have for quite awhile now. It is a game changer!

My son seems calmer and has more focus.


This is so easy to add to smoothies. It has a raspberry flavor and my son loves it.

Gradual but definitely see a huge change !!

I heard from a friend and did an in depth research about the products available on MySpectrumheroes. My son is borderline ADHD and had his own challenges be it focus or staying calm. Hence I tried multivitamin for him with honestly no expectation and now I am on my third bottle and see a world of a difference in him especially academically he is more focused and has better understanding of the subject matter.
I would definitely recommend mum’s who are skeptical about the results, please don’t expect miracles to happen in just a bottle but definitely if you stay consistent, you will definitely begin to believe in the products. Thank you myspectrumheroes for helping us.😊

My son suffers from chronic constipation. Other probiotics did not work. Our family purchased the probiotic essentials and he isn’t constipated anymore. Takes it in his milk daily and doesn’t notice that it’s there.


The multivitamin has helped raise my son's immune system!!!
My son has ASD and adhd. I can definitely tell a difference all around when he takes it faithfully and when I forget to give it to him. I have done lots of research on vitamin content, lack of, with children with ASD and this is the only one that offers higher dosings of the lacking nutrients. It has helped him succeed better in school, less fits, more control and awareness. I highly recommend it.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus

My son doesn't mind taking it at all. I mix with OJ. Waiting to see what happens in the next few days. He seems to be calming.

Love this!

My son is 5 and non-verbal; I think this has been helpful for him! I feel like he’s thinking more and not having as many negative behaviors.

This is an amazing product. The little timeless than a month) my son been using these ingredients.. he’s more alert. He’s also seems to be comprehending better than before we’ve been using this product. He’s telling me things, he’s never said before. He came up to me and said, “ mom my brain is hurting inside my head”. Wonderful, to know how he’s feeling. Thank you for this product and I’ll be purchasing again soon.

Happy with it

Happy with the ingredients. We haven’t seen any particular difference in our son but are glad he’s getting his nutrients. He drinks it in chocolate milk. He complains about it being mixed in, but he drinks it twice a day, so it must taste ok.

A winner

We’re very happy with this. My son drinks it in his milk with no complaint.

Allergen-Free and includes the key strains!

Once again, this one powder simplified our supplement protocol. It includes the 2 key strains I was looking for but had been unable to find in a dairy- and gluten-free formulation together. So simple. Mixes fine with water. I'll attempt gummies with it soon. Either way, so glad to have found it. Easily dosed with the included scoop.
Amazing customer service. (Again, hint for those ordering from Canada: UPS ground shipping involved a big brokerage fee but the UPS customer service said that it's included in the air shipping, and potentially with USPS, so you'll only be likely to pay the government customs fees. That's just my experience so far.)