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Multivitamin powder

Kids take it well with orange juice. We've only had it a few weeks and just upped the dosage, but we'll buy one more to see if there's a positive change like others have experienced.

Wish it wasnt powder

Both my kids have ASD and take vitamins like champs, but unfortunately the powder form isnt as easy as i thought. Ive hid it in all kinds of foods and drinks. They refuse to take it. I put very little in as the directions say so they get used to it, but they just wont take it. The taste must be very strong. They aren't picky eater either so it shocked me when they wouldn't take it. They see the container now and run. 🙄 ive wasted so much of it. So i threw $50 away unfortunately. I wont be able to buy this again until it comes in another form like a chewable. I was so excited by the reviews and still want to use it for my kids. But i cant force them to take it. 😔

Multivitamin Mineral Plus

This product is very good and it has been beneficial to my kid

Multivitamins Minerals

Thank you for products and the addition of extra moisture card. We look forward to using this new batch of multivitamins

Excellent Product!

Since my son started to use this products we noticed about several improvement is his constipations 100% recommended

Excellent probiotics

This has been a must for my child. He used to get so much bloating and after giving him the probiotics there has been less bloating and agitation. I mix this with alpro yogurt and he courant notice anything. This has been a Godsend!

An excellent product

My child has not been giving us any eye contact and this was extremely worrying. Trying to figure out why’s this was the case, reading, researching... we spent so long trying to get to the bottom of it and honestly when I came across this product and tried it, it was unbelievable. After 2-3days we observed him and there was a huge improvement. I don’t think I will ever stop giving him these vitamins as it has truly done him wonders.


Wasn’t sure if this was going to work for our son but it really seemed to help his tummy issues within a week, possibly less. Ours expired within like 4 months of getting it which was a bummer, I forgot to order more b4 I had to stop giving it to him and his tummy issues came back :( so I def believe it works! Ordering more right now :)

Great multivitamin!

Our 8 year old has been taking the vitamin for almost a month. His gut issues have seemed to improve. We haven’t had resistance with the taste/color as I’ve been mixing it with orange juice. The smell isn’t pleasant but isn’t overpowering. It’s been fine for his sensitivities as long as I mix it up for him and hand it to him.
Overall, very happy with this product and have recommended to others.

Enjoying the Vitamin D liquid supplement

This supplement is working well for my son. He has trouble swallowing or even chewing gummie vitamins. This liquid works great in his orange juice in the morning. We are going to try the Multivitamin mix now. :)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these vitamins. I have a 3 year old who most likely has high functioning ASD but has not "officially" been diagnosed yet. There is so much improvement in his behavior since he started taking these supplements 3 months ago - more talkative, more eye contact, less mood swings, reduced stimming, reduced OCD tendencies. I honestly did not realize how much the vitamins were helping until I took him off of them due to his improved behavior. He immediately regressed without them. I have no idea how vitamins could possibly make such a difference, but these really do and are definitely worth trying!!! My child still struggles daily with ASD symptoms but they are dramatically reduced when he takes these vitamins. I mix them in 1/2 cup of OJ and he doesn't complain at all about the taste. I also did not give him the full dose immediately. I gradually increased the amount given until he was at the recommended dosage due to some of the reviews that I read.

Just started

I just started giving this supplement to my 5 year old son with mild autism and there’s improvement in speech. I’m hoping to see the difference in behaviour as well. The taste is mild and I’m mixing 1/4th teaspoon in his water bottle to conceal the colour. He’s liking the taste. Hope to see better results soon.

Foundational Nutrition Support Bundle
So far so good

We've seen a difference in our child's digestion and gas since using these products (likely attributed to the probiotics). We mix the multivitamin and probiotic into orange juice and she drinks it no problem. We have some difficulty getting her to take the super omega liquid- she doesn't like the taste. Not sure yet if it's making a difference with her other behaviours, but we'll keep trying it and see where it takes us.

GI Shield Vanilla
Helps with digestion and gas

This has decreased how gassy my child can be. I saw a difference within the first week of use. We mix it into a smoothie in the morning so the taste is masked. Would definitely purchase again.

I see improvement

My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. He will be 5 next month. I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks and I see a change for sure. I don’t see a change in the outburst but I do with the speech. For the first week I did 1/4 tsp one time a day and after that I increased to 2 times a day.
I mix with chocolate pudding to hide the taste and color.

Highly recommended product

My children love it and have shown improvement in focus & attention.

I was skeptical

I’ve noticed a difference in speech and clarity in 3 weeks ! My 3 yr old autistic daughter started talking more and her words were more clear . I will be re ordering

I like it

This is nice product for those looking for magnesium supplements

Still in evaluation

I have noticed aggression & crankiness in child after starting this supplement. I am not sure if this multivitamin is one of the cause or its just he is going through phase. Going to stop using this product and observe if there is any reduction in aggression. Overall, I like this brand and there super mag powder. It is easily mixable and taste well.

Suggest parents to start with small dose first & then go for recommended dose. Thanks

Love the Vitamin D. Literally has zero taste and my son takes it no problem. So far so good!

Appears to be a good product. No issues.

So far so good. I just mix in his cereal and he takes it no problem. We are in the midst of potty training and I was hoping the Gut products may help him be more regular. No #2 success yet, but still trying. I’ve had no issues with this product

Foundational Nutrition Support PLUS Bundle
Awesome as always!!

These products really make a difference since the first day we start using it with out daughter. This is probably the 6th or more that we have bought it! I recommend it 100%%%%

Helping with tummy issue

Its helped my son on his tummy issue.

Multivitamin mineral powder

Taste great with orange juice. Also, mixes well with food
it just slightly takes on a yellow/orange hue really not that noticeable. I prepare with either mashed potatoes or pancake batter. No change in taste.