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Great great product

My son has low vit d and he had low energy and always tired after few mins playing so we started using this product and after using this product honestly my son so happy and full on energy. Highly recommend

Fiber Balance Plus Powder
Harsimratbir Pannu
Great product

This is very good product my son has bad constipation and it worked for my son and its very easily dissolves in juice.we are very happy with our purchase.

Great product👍

Tastes great , my kids loves this flavour and takes it easily.this is my 3rd time purchase.Highly recommend

Best probiotic

Love this product helpful for both girl's stomaches ,moods and taste!!

Measurable Results With This Probiotic

The Probiotic Essentials Powder has been super for us. I give it to my son and notice improved behaviour and emotional balance when he takes it. Within 1 week we noticed improvements for him. When we stopped for a couple of months things deteriorated so we are now keeping it in his diet as a regular, daily supplement. It can be hard to find a great probiotic that's easy to mix into food and drinks without changing taste or texture, but this one does just that. Highly recommended.

Peace of mind

Adding these supplements to my sons diet gives me a peace of mind that even though he is a picky eater and not a fan of the textures of fruits and veggies that he is getting what body needs !

Very Impressed!

Since starting this multivitamin we have noticed significant improvement in our child in speech, eye contact, and more engagement with us. These vitamins were easy to hide in applesauce, ketchup, yogurt, and peanut butter. Overall very impressed with the results. Some things that could be improved about this product are measuring scoop volume do not match standard measurements (tablespoon/teaspoon), recommended dosage on the website differs from provided paper work, and product spoiled before finishing full container which makes it difficult to justify the pricing.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Sukhendu Mondal
Very good

Use this product improve my child

Great fish oil

I I really love this product a lot my son takes it just like that loves the flavor no fishy aftertaste will keep purchasing again.

Calm & Focus
Heather Trehern
Absolutely Amazing

I ordered a bottle as a trial , we were sceptical about it. But within a few days my son who can't stay still for two minutes watched a whole hour and a half movie. We have seen a 360 in our son and can't thank you enough for your product.

Good label, the Fish taste is difficult our child with level II autism

We have tried several things to help with the taste and have had no luck yet. I believe we will have luck but for the price, I was hoping for a more strategic mix. I have wasted (forced to use on myself) five doses trying to get him to be ok with the taste.

Noticeable difference!

These vitamins were just what my son needed after removing all the foods he was sensitive to. I really could see a difference in him for the better. We mixed them with OJ and though he didn’t like them, he would drink them down. I just wish we could finish a can before they go bad to justify the cost.

Calm & Focus
Ana Cecilia Mejía De Diaz
Buenísimo increíble

A My hijo le a ayudado a calmarse y a consentrarse muchísimo ..y estoy realmente feliz ..

Calm & Focus
Wilaiporn Pappas

My son is 6 years old. He is very picky taste. now he love it. I can see how he changing behavior. He is much better to calm. Thank you for helping us without medicine.

the best product

my son was very hyperactive he did not focus at school he is a very intelligent boy but he was distracted by anything thanks to these products we saw the change within the next 24 hours he improved 100%

Super omega liquid ❤️

Highly recommended super omega liquid.

Amazing products

I am so happy i came across my spectrum products. They are just awesome. My 4 year old has no issue taking them . I mixed the multivitamins and probiotics in juice and he drinks it with no issue and immuni D liquid in the morning and omega liquid at night. I have seen so much improvement in him its been only 2 month we are using these products. Before he wasn’t following the instructions but now he knows so much and started to follow the instructions. So happy with the products.


Great product. It really does help my son builds his immune system

Really Good Stuff

My autistic daughter can taste the slightest change in her food so multivitamins have been a challenge. My Spectrum Heroes is basically tasteless so we were able to introduce it in her peanut butter sandwich. Now she's happy and Mom and Dad are too knowing she is getting quality vitamins that she absolutely requires. This is really good stuff!


The change in my son when he started this was absolutely amazing. He's had constipation issues a lot lately because he doesn't eat how he's supposed to. This stuff changed our lives. I'm excited to explore more so far I've had four of the items and all the more


So far we’re loving the oil! Will need a couple more months to see full effect!

Great product

My daughter have been on omega every night and she love it I can see a difference in her sleep and her climbing have improve I would order this product again.

We are so happy with these pills

My son is 7 years old and a problem eater and these are a life saver!

Calm & Focus
Jessica Reyes
It works!

My son is now less aggressive and more focused. His eye contact has increased! I have even subscribed to receive this product every 3 weeks!

Calm & Focus
Evelyn Ferris
Really works!

It helped my son' mood and focus since the first day! No more tantrums and more calm and patience!