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Highly recommend

This company is amazing please see my video review!

Calm & Focus
Mandy G
I have seen a difference

I purchased this product on a whim as I was buying the probiotic powder. I have seen a difference in my childs focus and engagement levels.

Calm & Focus
It has helped calm down our daughter

Our 9 year old daughter has been taking the calm & focus supplement for about a month now. We feel like it has worked to help calm her down. I feel like with continued use, it will keep working for her.


Best probiotic ive ever used for myself and my children

It works!!

Been seeing a lot of improvement in my child’s speech and sleep pattern !!

Calm & Focus
LaSeana Davis
Love the product

Very effective

Calm & Focus
Helps calm my son

We have started using calm and focus for our 4 year old son who has autism. We do notice it has helps him focus more. Also he has a tough time with transitioning sometimes from activities. We have noticed he has less tantrums which has been wonderful. We hope to see continued good results.

Super C Powder
Faye DiFranco
Amazing product

Definitely a great product we yave liked all of the products so far !!!

The best!

We have tried many vitamins for our son so I was skeptical going into this but being able to see a visible difference in his behavior after only a few days has been so amazing!

If you’re going back and forth…

Do your family a favor and go for it! We were skeptical. My 8 year old son has pretty severe ADHD. It took about a week for my husband and I to “think we might be seeing a shift” and another week to know for SURE that this had been an excellent purchase. Frustration tolerance, flexibility, and general mood have all improved. It’s now been about a month, and we’re still amazed at how many of the moments where we steel ourselves expecting the explosion now dissipate before a full meltdown. Not a cure-all of course, but a powerful support in allowing our son a chance to experience a little more go-with-the-flow. Our whole household has benefitted.

Quality Product

My son was diagnosed with ASD when he turned 2. Of course I became a determined mother to find the best quality products for my son. This Super Omega has exceeded my expectations and I honestly believe there is a big difference in my sons development in such a short period of time! We are so grateful for the time and research and dedication this company has to provide this highest quality for those who need it most!

Loving the products

My child seems to have improved after starting the product, he started eating sandwiches/burritos which he has never done before. My child seems to be a bit more open to eating different food, we still have to work on feeding, but he has improved. I will keep this item on auto subscription for sure.

Exactly what we needed!

My sons doctor said his labs showed low magnesium and explained how crucial it was….we tried a magnesium she suggested but it had horrible side effects. I went on to research and I found this site and all these great reviews and well…. No bad side effects!!! He’s doing great!!!

Maybe it works?

We use this everyday in my sons water. I think it’s helping him stay healthy and helping shorten any colds.

Multivitamin Mineral

I have been using this product for over a month, it takes a bit of time but now I started to see some progress on my kid. He’s more focus and imitating what people do, even the therapist is also notice that. It’s a great product you can get most of the vitamin in one. I will recommend it.

These works

My daughter who is on the spectrum had issues with constipation after taking 3 rounds of antibiotics for a skin infection. The antibiotics destroyed all of her good bacteria. Since she is a very picky eater it was hard to re-populate the gut with good bacteria. This probiotic accomplished that and she is regular everyday. Overall great product!

Best magnesium for kids

I ordered this for my granddaughter who is on the spectrum. She also has adhd. After trying her on this for a couple weeks she is more calmer and focusing better. I will continue to buy this product.

Magnesium Dietary Supplement
Ana Cecilia Mejía De Diaz
Muy buenísimo producto lo recomiendo mucho a my hijo le a ayudado a dormir más tranquilo

Se siente más calmado y su sueño es mucho mejor

Absolutely amazing products

I highly recommend this product.I have been using this product for 4 months for my son and he is doing great .

Amazing products……love it!

Amazing products. My son has no issue taking it. I have seen so much change in my son. This is my 3rd purchase. I highly recommend it.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Harsimratbir Pannu
Amazing products…. Love it!

I highly recommend these products. My son now can understand everything and follow the directions quickly. I am so happy with these products.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Allison Mignard
Can really see a difference!

My son has is 2 years old and has regressive autism. He struggles with focus and stimming. Since starting him on the vitamin and magnesium we have seen such a tremendous difference.

Wonderful product

I am a father of two sons, one diagnosed with ASD and one diagnosed with ADHD. I have noticed gradual improvements with both my sons since starting them on Spectrum Heroes multivitamin. I know there is no true cure for these diagnoses, but SH multivitamins have made a big difference in our lives. I highly recommend the this product!

Great product

My son is 5 years old with ASD. He takes the probiotic and multivitamin daily. We added the magnesium about a year ago. He seems to sleep much better and his attention span seems longer once we added the magnesium. We love this product!!

The best

We’ve been using these for 2 years with our son who has ASD. He also takes the multivitamin and the magnesium daily. I highly recommend all 3. The biggest changes I see from the probiotic are less stimming and much happier mood overall. The happier mood is a game changer for a kid who doesn’t easily go along with changes in routine and can be easily upset when things aren’t just like he wants them. He is so much easier to handle once the probiotics got into his system. He hasn’t had a single meltdown in over a year. We love these products and can’t recommend them enough!!