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Great product

We have been happy with the product so far. I was originally drawn to this product because it has vitamins and minerals in one. My son has been taking them for about a month and he seems more regulated, which is great. It gives me peace of mind knowing he is getting all the things he needs. My only critique is the smell is pretty bad. My son’s breath smells bad because of it, we have to brush his teeth after. Still worth it though!

Great product

This Melatonin Works!!

My Autistic son usually has a tough time falling asleep. Then we began using this Melatonin supplement and within the first couple of days, noticed how effective it was at helping him fall asleep. Now he'll stay in his bed and fall asleep as opposed to getting out of bed several times and us having to take him back to his room. We typically give him 2 tablets about an hour before bedtime and it works like a charm. We will continue to use it. Big thank you to My Spectrum Heroes!

My spectrum heros multivitamin

So far we are very pleased with the product. The first one came with the seal broken and after we contacted the company they immediately sent out a replacement. Both of my sons with autism are currently taking this product. It does have a slight smell and an orange coloring but we mix it in with their chocolate milk and they drink it with no issues.

Calm & Focus
Nicole Quinteros

Excellent product, my son is 4 years old and work so well for him is amazing.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Adrienne Raines
You can’t get past the smell… at all.

My daughter cannot get past the smell I assumed it wouldn’t be that bad but as soon as I opened it it smelled like a bad fart and that’s what it makes her food or drinks taste like and she’s extremely picky. I appreciate what this company is trying to do hense why I’m giving a 2/5 but we will not be purchasing again and upset that I wasted my money.

Amazing experience

the product arrived as informed; all the process was very fast, easy and efficient; the product I bought worked as expected; recommended

It has good ingredients, but my son threw up when I put it in his food because of the taste. He’s not on the spectrum but he’s picky and this definitely wasn’t tasteless. Really upset about this one because of how much money I spent.

Great product for my son

I have been giving to my son who is on Epilepsy medicine for a while now.

I can tell his sleep pattern got way much better.

I highly recommend this recommend this product.

Calm & Focus
Marisol Alvarenga

I have been giving the calm and focus drops to my son every day and in a way they seem to be helping. He is very hyperactive and the drops have been helping he is more calm, less impulsive. Will strongly recommend and will continue to purchase this product.

Please take care of your childs mental health!

This product has changed my relationship with my child! Please dont miss this opportunity to watch your relationship with your child blossom!!

Super Supportive

I was a little skeptical at first but after trying with both my kiddos on the Spectrum, wished I would have tried sooner. Love this combined with probiotics and multivitamin. Thanks for making such amazing products.

It has changed my son’s life

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Very dissatisfied

My boys wint drnk it because it taste too strong. I have taste it and it taste gross i will not buy it anymore

Excellent Product

I have searched incessantly for a product that I can tolerate since I am dealing with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which makes me allergic to literally everything. This has been the only product that I have successfully taken which causes me no reaction and allows me to benefit from the immune boosting properties of this product. I highly recommend this and their customer service is outstanding!! By far one of the best companies I have ever ordered from for all of my supplements and medications! This is a never out item!

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Christina McFadden
Making Progress

Our 3 year old is very energetic and has become a picky eater. I wasn’t looking for a fix when it came to the picky eating but within a couple weeks he started try new foods and eating, I didn’t put the two together until I remembered reading other reviews on this product helping with picky eating. We are now getting ready to try the magnesium and omega.

Thank you!

Thank you🥲

My 3 year old son has autism and has been in therapy for over a year now with little improvements here and there, but just after a week of taking Spectrum Heroes, we have seen an explosion of progress! He is SO much happier! Is eye contact is better, he has started saying little words and even a couple of two words combos! He's taking interest in other children and plays so well with his little brother!
My husband and I can't thank you enough! It feels like a miracle to us!

Calm & Focus
Gabriela Rojas
“Nice and calm”

I ordered this for my kindergartner who has been struggling with self-control and anxiety. What convinced me was the ingredients compared to some other over the counter kids “calming” supplements. There was no comparison and it has helped him a lot. I give it to him every morning before school and every night before bed. If I forget, he reminds me so he can “feel nice and calm.” We are almost through our first bottle and will definitely be reordering.

Exceed My Expectations

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and Tourette’s at the end of third grade. He was going to have to repeat the year if his Spring iReady testing scores didn’t improve, with it being less then a month away, we started him on medication. It broke our hearts to see our son struggling but it wasn’t any easier seeing him lose weight and withdrawn. His focus and grades improved. ADHD medication is a lot of guess word. The dosage is not formulated by his weight or age - you keep trying different types and dosage until you think your child is at his optimal. This was all we did his whole fourth grade year.

This past summer we looked for an alternative to the medication. During our research we read about MTHFR gene mutations and it’s connection with ADHD. There were supplements that could help with the symptoms but it was all so overwhelming because all were made for adults. We didn’t want to make life harder for our child, trying to make him take several pills a day and hope they didn’t cause any allergic reactions. And due to his sensory issues there are a lot of foods, including candy that he won’t eat, so gummies were not an option.

When we came across My Spectrum Heroes, we read every ingredient and were very surprised to see it had everything thing that we were like looking for and it came in a powder! Of course I didn’t want to get my hopes up - if this was really as successful as our research had promised, why hadn’t my son’s pediatrician recommended it? She knew how underweight and unhappy my son was. She had just spoken to him about how he needed to eat during the day even though his body was fighting against it. She also told him to push himself to play with the other kids during recess instead of sitting by himself.

Before our order arrived, my son’s teachers reached out to us, letting us know that he was becoming dismissive in class and not excepting help or criticism. His grades were good but at what cost?

The first week of taking My Spectrum Heroes Multivitamin and Minerals we saw such a change in his behavior. He was joking around and smiling, I forgot how witting and funny he was. The end of the second week I quizzed him on his vocabulary words while he ate breakfast. He answered each correctly without hesitation. I just couldn’t believe it, I turned to his father and he had stopped what he had been doing and was staring at our son in shock. I let out a whoop and said that was fantastic! Our son had a big smile on his face. I asked him if he knew what this meant - he said no - and I said “no pill today sweet boy” He jumped up and said really?

I was nervous all day. I thought for sure I would get a phone call asking if he had forgotten to take his medication that morning. And yes it happened last year and they had me come in and give it to him in the nurses office. But the call never came. I picked my son up that day and he said “I had a great day. My friends told me I had energy today, and so did my teacher! I even ran around at recess with everyone”. He got a 92 on his test.

He just finished his third week. It was also also teacher conference day. I spoke with one of his teachers and his IEP teacher, both had great things to say and were really amazed at his quick turnaround. They were very interested to know what I was doing to make such quick progress with him since our last conversation. I told them about My Spectrum Heroes but I could tell they were having a hard time believing something I was adding to his orange juice was responsible for this amazing change in him. I told them it was absolutely true and that we are truly grateful to them.

Thank you ❤️

Super hero Supplements for sure

Both of my sons have autism and these supplements have made the best transformation for our family. Thank you

Changing our lives a

We’ve been giving these vitamins to our son for two months now, and the improvements in his behavior, focus and overall executive functioning have been huge. We can’t recommend these enough!

A complete game changer!

My daughter is 7 1/2 and was diagnosed with Aspergers early on. She never, ever, ever, ever slept well. If she got 6 hours of continuous sleep, we thought we won the lottery. Her lack of sleep only made things worse throughout the day, and made everyone exhausted. We didnt want to ask the Dr for any type of sleep aid, we didnt want to go down that road of trying different medications and her being groggy the next day. We did try melatonin but she would still wake up 2-3 hours later and not be able to go back to sleep for a couple hours.

Magnesium comes in many forms and different benefits, I as an adult have been taking Magnesium Oxide for years. the tried out Glycinate. Once i tried it had to find one in a children's dose. My Spectrum Heroes to the rescue!

MSH is the only place that makes Magnesium Glycinate for kids that I will ever buy it from, no one else makes it like they do. It is literally life changing.

Have to give it more time., just started. She is as fidgety and wound up as she was on her meds. Will give it more time to see any changes.

Calm & Focus
Amber Robinson

I noticed a huge difference in my sons behavior and anxiety after taking this. LOVE IT!

Works well!

Helps my kid with constipation. Good product.