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Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Crystal Cervantes
Great product!

My son has been taking Multivitamin Mineral Plus 2× daily in his orange juice with no problem. This is awesome because he is very picky about supplements. We love My Spectrum Heroes just wish I would of known about them sooner!

Game changer

3 y/o son has severe stomach issues. Nothing helped I mean nothing! The doctors were doing more harm than good. Everything they suggested seemed to make matters worsen until we tried this. Noticed a difference after the second day. We also realized it improved his mood, makes sense! I’d be upset too if one day I can’t stop going poo then the next day I can’t go at all. He was going through it so bad! Anyway, I’m buying the second round now! Give it a shot nothing to lose everything to gain! They are expensive I’ll be the first to say that but ultimately nothing else worked, this did.

Too sweet

The flavor is so sweet my son wouldn’t consume it. I tried it as well and it was inedible.

Wonderful product

I love that I can mix the multivitamin into any juice drink and my son has no issues drinking it. Have seen some improvements, especially with his speech. Overall, I'm happy with this product and highly recommend despite its orange color.

Does not dissolve well at all

We did not like this product. It did not dissolve well at all and does not taste good. Will not be buying again.


It’s amazing products

Wonderful good behavior of my son

Wonderful good behavior of my son

Calm & Focus
Yahya Al Ali

It’s amazing products

Super Omega Liquid
Chelsea Lanham
Amazing product!!!

I have been FLOORED at the difference I've seen in my daughter. She is not on the spectrum but has struggled with emotional issues in the past. I had done some research and this product in the only one I have found that reached the dosage recommended in the medical journals. She has been a totally different kid. My daughter doesn't love the flavor but she takes it with some gummy vitamins and it helps.

Probiotic Essentials Powder
Crystal Cervantes
Great product!

Love this stuff! My son has always struggled with constipation and this has helped him tremendously! Also he takes it with no problem in his juice or water. I highly recommend!

Super Mag Powder
Crystal Cervantes
Very pleased

My son takes it with no problem in water or his juice which is shocking because he has sensory issues and extremely picky. He seems alot calmer since starting this supplement and sleeping better at night. Very pleased with this product.

Gut Support PLUS Bundle
Margaret Addei
The best

The supplements are life changers for my kids. Iv bought the complete line for about 4 times within 6 months

Super Omega Liquid
Thriving Mom
Waiting for the result

Since now i have not seen any improvement, maybe needs more time to see the effect.

Super Omega Liquid
William Evangelista
Works great

Thank you and it is working...

Noticed a difference

We've noticed that our daughter is less easily frustrated.

Great product!

Great product

Like many ASD kids, ours is an extremely picky eater and we worried about vitamin deficiencies. Our son will not take pills at this time. This product was the answer. It dissolves easily in just about anything and there’s no funny taste. We felt like we noticed a difference in our son after putting him on them, more alert and social. Can’t recommend this product enough.

Super Omega Liquid
Rebecca Hastings
Try it!

We have been very pleased with the super omega liquid. It's really helped our son.

The best Probiotic!

We love this probiotic! We work with an autism dietitian and she loved everything in it as well! We’ve noticed changes like our daughter isn’t just sick all the time, her gut is more balanced, and we’ve noticed less brain fog as well! We use this probiotic along with the multivitamin which is great too! We LOVE this product!

Great mix

I like the diversity of probiotic strains and my son doesn’t taste it so he has no problem taking it. Thanks!

The best vitamins ever i try

I had 2 kids with autism and they're super picky for eat and sensory issue's. My son doesn't detect the flavor. Thank you my spectrum heroes

So easy to take

Super easy to mix into my child’s drink!

Immuni-D Liquid
Maryann Brown
Vitamin D Supplement

I purchased Immuni-D Liquid
Dietary Supplement for my Grandson, a child with autism. He will not drink milk, or eat any dairy products including ice-cream. The recommended drop is concealed in his water daily. It works perfect because it's clear, and he hasn't noticed at all. In fact I purchased two one for his household, one for mine when he visits & spends the night. The only issue is a slight oily residue. I'm relieved now that he is getting some much needed supplement!

Immuni-D Liquid
Erin Parrendo
Great 👍🏻 supplement

Tasteless, I put some in my girls juice every morning. It’s great way to make sure they are getting that boost of vitamin D. I am really happy with this product and will be purchasing more product in the near future.