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9yo approved!

We have tried all the different gummies and chewable probiotics and my kiddo has disliked each and every one of them. With the fight around taking them, we could never tell if they were effective. My daughter had no problem swallowing these capsules and we have noticed a difference in regularity and mood too! So happy with them. She just finished her first bottle and we are about to order another.

I was skeptical, but wow!!

I was extremely skeptical, I ordered the D3 due to my own vitamin D3 depletion recently. I knew how much more emotionally available and stable I felt once my D3 levels were replenished, so with that being said the very first time I gave her a dose I noticed significant instant change in my daughters emotional well being, she was no longer afraid to go to bathroom alone, she slept all night in bed with the light off without wetting her bed, she has not had one meltdown, or conflict with her sisters, or her my husband and I. She became within days the little girl we knew, we could see her personality and not just her ASD symptoms. It brought my husband and I to tears, after being told our daughter needed various different medications that were basically to sedate her, this just seems like a huge miracle variety of extremely high effective products. I immediately ordered the rest of these products. I am so excited to see my daughter progress emotionally without all the ASD symptoms weighing her down. Thank you so much! This saved our entire family!

Our daily Dose

This bundle paired with Magnesium and Super C has made a tremendous difference for my clients overall immune system, bowel movements and I have witnessed a notable increase in their attention span. I have recommended this line to over 35 clients and counting.
I would never advertise or promote any product however I proudly recommend all my clients to order products from my spectrum. My family and I swear by this and as adults we also take these vitamins and supplements daily. It’s all powder base and easy to administer or hide in other drinks,
Sauces and foods. Highly recommend!!

Calm & Focus
Kelly Francesco
I saw absolutely no difference

No difference at all

It works!!

I’ve noticed a major change in my 8 years olds behavior and attention span. Even his teacher has made comment about how well he’s been doing the past few months since I’ve started using the omega three oil along with the calm and focus drops!

Easy to give to my kids.

We have enjoyed adding this into our little ones day and they take it easy!

Calm & Focus
Kayla Marquet
It’s working for us!

My son literally instantly turns his attitude around and calms down much easier after having this! He gets it twice a day and I truly see a difference!! So happy I took a chance with this stuff!


I started my son on the Super Omega liquid about a month ago now & I have to say it’s amazing! My son is VERY picky but I can put this in a little bit of juice and he takes it with no issue! I was very concerned if he’d take it. I have also been able to get him off of his pharma meds and just supplement with more natural things! I really believe these have helped us!

Great Probiotic

Great probiotic- I mix it in children's water and they don't seem to mind at all! Happy customer


I can't believe how much my child not only enjoys these products (especially the mascots), but also needs them! When we run out of a product there is noticeable difference in his behavior almost immediately. I will forever be grateful for discovering these!

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Shanakay haughton
Love it so far

I have been using this product since December and I love it. My daughter hates the taste we wish it was in a different form . She has improvement in her focus but I don’t know if it’s the vitamins or natural development


This formula don't worked very much here. My son have to much problem in the night an focus. But I saw some difference even though still showing the difficulties.

Calm & Focus
Sambrina Dunlap
I think I found a natural cure

Typically I do not write reviews ‘ cause sometimes I feel like they’re people don’t read them but I am hoping that someone who is dealing with a toddler who is extremely hyper and who’ve witnessed numerous of meltdowns throughout the day, consider purchasing this product. I have been using this product for almost 2 weeks and a few days starting these drops, I notice a huge difference in my sons behavior. I am against medicating my son for ADHD/ADD so that’s why I say it’s a miracle worker

So far so good

My 7 year old is adhd and we are seeing signs in my 5 year old. He was getting in trouble for not paying attention disturbing classmates,etc. after just a week he was getting great reviews from his teacher and is able to pay more attention! The taste isn’t great but I just mix in some juice and they both take it well!

Calm & Focus
Amanda Camarillo

Didn't work for us. His anxiety and behavior actually got worse. Not saying its a terrible product it is just not for us.
Did not help at all

Love products

This works great for my teenager who struggles to sleep nightly. Sleep has been a problem since early childhood and nothing else works as well.This has been a game changer. I have noticed an overall improved well-being related to focus and calmness as an added bonus.

Great product!

We are very happy with our purchase it has worked for child be regular!

Huge difference

The difference in CFU compared to similarly prices over the counter probiotics makes this product an amazing deal!

Second purchase

This is my second purchase, and I’m still so happy with this vitamin. My son is 4, and can sense literally any tiny change in his milk. He barely eats anything of substance but we don’t want to give him sweet meal replacement drinks, and this guarantees he will get some of the important nutrients he needs in every bottle of milk.

Great Product

Great supplement since my daughter is such a picky eater. I love that she cannot tell that I put supplements in her water or milk. Great tasteless and ordorless product!


Gave to my 5 year old son and wow the very first day slept though the night and no more tantrums. I’m going on 8 days and still sleeping through the night and seems to be more focused at school . All I can say is thank you so very much has been a god send for my family


We use this for my child for anxity. It works sooooo well. Easy to hide in smoothies as well!

It’s working for my Son.

When I 1st bought it, I wasn’t sure it’ll work but wanted to give it a try and I did and it didn’t fail me. I am seeing a lot of changes on my Son. Thank God there’s a product for children like mine. My Son is picky on what He put in his mouth but this was not a problem at all. Thank you my spectrum heroes.

Amazing product

I absolutely love the probiotic powder for my daughter. It has no taste so she drinks it no problem .

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Alexis Estrella
Works Great!

Our son is 2 1/2 yrs old, he was recently diagnosed with autism and has always had food aversions and trouble sleeping. After a week on the powder we noticed a significant difference in his sleep. He’s been sleeping through the night and he’s never done that!
He’s still a picky eater but he’s also a toddler so we’re taking that into consideration. We’re hoping to keep him on this to ensure he gets all the nutrients he needs.