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Calm & Focus
Amber Robinson

I noticed a huge difference in my sons behavior and anxiety after taking this. LOVE IT!

Works well!

Helps my kid with constipation. Good product.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Douglas DeBaillon
Multivitamin powder video review

Great product. We can mix it with different liquids and it dissolves great! No texture or taste. It's for my grandson who has Autism and he is very picky about what he eats and drinks. His diet isn't the greatest, so I got this Multivitamin because of his strict diet, which has done wonders. His blood work has come back and it all looks good!

Calm & Focus
Michelle Ferro
No more phone calls home

BEFORE the start of My Spectrum hero Calm /Focus, my son - now 4 years old - was constantly wild and aggressive at both daycare and VPK3... so much I would get phone calls all week and eventually he would get kicked out. He was not so wired at home. He was sweet and listened. It was something about alot of kids in a small room that made him hyper and aggressive. A behavior therapist recommended me to look into alternative calming meds so I found My Spectrum Hero and gave them a try... I didn't see much because he was one week before school started back and he just wasn't the kid at home that he turned into in the schools / daycare. He went to VPK last Monday August 14. He teacher, who knew of his past behavior, assured me after the first week he was fine... focused - a bit more fidgety than some but a good little boy that listened and was not aggressive. I had tears rolling on my smiling cheeks. Its on week two at school / week 4 on Calm / Focus and he is actually happy to go to school.
Highly recommend this prduct.

Magnesium Dietary Supplement
William Tallmadge
Super Mag

Excellent product. Mixed well in our son’s juice and he drinks it right down. No problems. We have tried other products, but this is one of the best.


Mi hija lo toma junto al jugo con facilidad y todos en la casa hemos visto como a mejorado en su comportamiento más atenta, menos hiperactiva mejor enfoque cuando le hablamos es maravilloso.

Calm & Focus
Hitarthi Shah
Peaceful sleep

My daughter is using this product from last 3 weeks and I could see that she is sleeping uninterrupted 9 hours almost every night.

Great product!

My daughter started having digestive issues and this has helped her with inflammation and regularity! Will be purchasing again.

Good for kids

Love this product it works good for my son who has autism and adhd

Super Mag

The capsules are easy to use. My son spontaneously reported that he has not had constipation since starting it! I’ve noticed his sleep has been more restful.

Don’t see any changes

This is the second bottle and I’ve been hoping to see some changes in my autistic 6 years old but unfortunately- NOTHING! It’s definitely not worth the price. I’m very disappointed.

Calm & Focus
Akilah Dressekie
Game changer

I’ve found that the Calm and Focus has an almost immediate impact. I’ve seen him calm down within minutes, and it’s been easy to give him. YouTube video placeholder
Super Magnesium capsules

We've been using the Super Mag capsules for a couple months now. I have noticed a decrease in my sons' anxiety over the past few weeks, and they like that they come in capsule form rather than a flavored chewable. My oldest takes them with a spoonful of applesauce, and my youngest with water. Neither seem to have any trouble swallowing them.

Calm & Focus
Destiny Morris
Just started it

Haven’t taken it long enough to know if it works yet , but my 5 yr old does not taste it in her drink which is a plus !

Calm & Focus
Kristine Frey
Calm and focus



Just what we needed!

Omega liquid

Can not take taste very bad he throws up with it.

Spectrum heroes

Really like this product. My granddaughter takes this and can really tell the difference when she's not taking it.

Great Product!

Super Mag is So tasty and my kid doesn’t e en know he’s using nutrition. He drinks it with no problem and it has helped a lot with his stomach issues and behavior.

Exceptional results!

This omega supplement has been a key formula for me with my 2 year old son. The taste I have to disguise in juice but I definitely have seen improvement in his daily routines and eye contact . I only been using it for 1 month and I will highly recommend this product to your child diet.

Love this product

We’d love this magnesium! I already notice a difference for my son’s anxiety, ticks, and he is sleeping better

Great guy support support supplement

This supplement is really helping heal my son gut

Calm & Focus
Susan Hobbic
Calm & Focus

My daughter is 5 years old with non verbal ASD. She had an awful stomach bug at the beginning of April. She had rage fits like I have never seen before. I bought this to help try and get her to calm down so she would stop hurting herself head banging. I believe this medicine is helping give her some regulation. I will continue to keep buying it and I also just ordered the omega supplement.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Akilah Dressekie
So far so good

Really happy with the results I'm seeing with my little guy. He is more regular, his moods are more balanced. I've found that this, plus the Calm & Focus drops, have been a great combination.

Works great

My 10 years old son has autism. His fingers wouldn't stop trembling before. Now he has become good at writing. He catch up his school work. Everyone said he’s different.