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Fantastic source of omega

We needed a good omega for our 10 year old grandson… this one is topnotch! The liquid form is not an issue. We just add a touch of juice to mask the flavor and it’s gone in one swallow . Thank you My Spectrum Heroes for quality supplements

Off medication

These multi vitamins have been the key to getting my 10 year old grandson off prescription medication! Thank you, My Spectrum Heroes!!


My son has improved his mood in the two weeks by taking vitamin D.


He's helped my son focus on school.

Amazing how it helped my child with eating problems , tantrums , and slept a lot better ! Amazing quality product

Calm & Focus
Perla Cabrera

Best product ever! My daughters behavior has improved in many ways.


My son has pandas and has really bad sleep habits which lead to poor concentration in school. This has been such a game changer. Give at night (before bed) for restorative sleep. I haven’t seen him sleep like this in over a year.

Works great!

I wrote a review a couple months back and am writing again to update my review. Since taking this multivitamin everyday our severely autistic son has been accomplishing so much! He used to only eat 3 foods (it’s been like that for about 2 years) and over the last couple months he has tried 10+ new foods and has a totally new diet now! The only consistent change he experienced was this vitamin. We are so proud of him and grateful we found this company!

No more belly aches!!!

Since starting my 4yr old son who is autistic on the gut immune protect supplement his belly aches have reduced significantly! Wonderful product and definitely continue to use

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Charlotte Beausoleil

Taste and smells terrible

What I don't like about the product is masking the taste it's very hard to do with my son due to him being such and picky eater.


This is the only magnesium powder my son will drink. And I feel like a tub lasts us a long time for the price! Highly recommend!

Probiotic Essentials Powder
Douglas DeBaillon
Probiotic Essentials powder video review

This is a very good product we use on a daily basis for our grandson with Autism. We mix It in his orange juice and he doesn't even know that it's in there. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

So thankful for this product!

I was worried when I read that some kids did not like the taste or smell! I have a picky eater and was worried he wouldn't take the supplement. I simply add it to orange juice and let it sit for a few minutes so it totally disolves and he has never said anything about the smell or taste. Thank you for making a high quality supplement!

Calm & Focus
Brandi Banks
Calming drops review

I have a 7 yr old who can be rambunctious and he can get over stimulated when in different environments. I have been seeking non medical avenues to help him out.

We are still in the trial stages of the calm drops. I give my son 3 drops in the morning before school. The feed back from the teacher is a hit a miss but in reality I'm not sure what she expects to see. Nothing cures autism . I don't need to give him drops at home. He us in a calm environment so his behavior is completely different. I'm about to order his 2nd bottle. I hope to have an update on his progress in a few weeks

Calm & Focus
Lucinda Smith
Works great!

We have been giving these to our daughter for over a month. Us, along with her teachers have seen a difference in her focus. I am thankful we found them as we wanted to go the natural way. We will definitely continue to use this product!

Extra nutrients for limited nutrient diet

I’ve been giving my daughter these vitamins for extra support due to her ARFID .

Calm & Focus
Lindsey Hayes
Calm & Focus works!

I give this to my son every morning, and I have noticed a huge difference since we have been using this daily. I think it helps him calm down from his mood swings and with the over sensory brain stimulation. My son is diagnosed with moderate autism, spectrum disorder, expressive language disorder, OCD, and ADHD. Definitely give this product a try if you are having bad mood swings. Tried this before trying meds and it has worked so far.


Recommended by my cardiologist.
Great results

Great product

We have been happy with the product so far. I was originally drawn to this product because it has vitamins and minerals in one. My son has been taking them for about a month and he seems more regulated, which is great. It gives me peace of mind knowing he is getting all the things he needs. My only critique is the smell is pretty bad. My son’s breath smells bad because of it, we have to brush his teeth after. Still worth it though!

Great product

This Melatonin Works!!

My Autistic son usually has a tough time falling asleep. Then we began using this Melatonin supplement and within the first couple of days, noticed how effective it was at helping him fall asleep. Now he'll stay in his bed and fall asleep as opposed to getting out of bed several times and us having to take him back to his room. We typically give him 2 tablets about an hour before bedtime and it works like a charm. We will continue to use it. Big thank you to My Spectrum Heroes!

My spectrum heros multivitamin

So far we are very pleased with the product. The first one came with the seal broken and after we contacted the company they immediately sent out a replacement. Both of my sons with autism are currently taking this product. It does have a slight smell and an orange coloring but we mix it in with their chocolate milk and they drink it with no issues.

Calm & Focus
Nicole Quinteros

Excellent product, my son is 4 years old and work so well for him is amazing.

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Adrienne Raines
You can’t get past the smell… at all.

My daughter cannot get past the smell I assumed it wouldn’t be that bad but as soon as I opened it it smelled like a bad fart and that’s what it makes her food or drinks taste like and she’s extremely picky. I appreciate what this company is trying to do hense why I’m giving a 2/5 but we will not be purchasing again and upset that I wasted my money.