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Still unsure

We’ve been using this powder for a few months. No idea if it’s working or not - no noticeable difference, but going to keep trying. It does not dissolve well in 16oz of water - always find clump at the bottom of the water bottle no matter how well we stir/mix it in.

Full Honest Review

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We love the multi vitamin! But I wish it came in a gummy form, sometimes hard to get my 4 year old to drink it in his juice.

Great solution to chews

My toddler is very picky but loves drinking milk so we sneak this powder in and it works like a charm!

Love this stuff!!

My son's immunity is great and I truly believe it is because of this product!

Multivitamin mineral plus

Great product my son loves it.


End of the first bottle of probiotics. Best thing I can say so far is she is willing to take them, doesn't complain about it and it doesn't upset her stomach. We started her on the Calm and Focus and the Super omega soft gels and the multivitamin mineral support. Only been about 21 days so too early to say, but far fewer meltdowns. Fingers crossed and we will continue all four.

Great vitamin!

I give this to my 2 year old and mix it with eggs. Im starting to see more focus and hoping the speech follows. Will continue to order. It does tend to go bad very fast tho and for the price that is a bummer.

Calm & focus

I would recommend this product to everyone with children with speech delayed

Helpful and Beneficial

We have been giving this vitamins to our daughter in combination with other products and have been seeing good improvements in speech, focus and attention. We think it is helpful and will continue to purchase this. In addition it is an all in one combination of nutrients that are natural and very essential to our kid who is a very choosy eater. Thanks for making this product!

Calm & Focus
Crystal Cervantes
Great product!

I bought this for my 7 year old son with ASD. He struggles to get through his virtual OT sessions. It's very hard for him to focus and make it through his 45 minute session without having a meltdown. Since taking calm and focus he is alot calmer for OT and instead of meltdowns halfway through he only starts whining towards the last 15 mins. Big improvement! Also he doesn't like to have books read to him... he always just flips through the pages rapidly and now after taking this product for 2 weeks he actually has been letting me read to him! I'm so happy I decided to give this a try!

Went bad FAST!!

I don’t know what happened with this product I just got it in April, I’ve been giving my son tiny amounts just so I can build up the dosage over time. Today I noticed it was hard in the middle so I tried mixing and there were these huge HARD chunks that smelled BAD 🤢🤢 and yes it was stored in a dry cool place. I’m VERY sad and upset because this was on the more expensive side and thought it could be something so beneficial for my son who is autistic and is such a picky eater

More restful sleep

Our son was taking forever to fall asleep at night. Once we started giving him this before bed he fell asleep so much quicker and had more restful sleep!

My Spectrum Heroes - Super Omega Liquid

Very happy with this product. Overall I’ve seen more calm and less anxiety with with my 9 year olds son. We’ve been using this for about a month now. He has no problem taking the supplement in his apple juice. Would definitely recommend trying it and see how it works for you!

Calm & Focus
Brittney Monk
Great product !!!

Wonderful for my 6 year old with ADHD.

works great

Ordered for my niece , she has shown progress taking these

Excellent Magnesium!

These capsules have improved my sons overall health. Along with some other supplements they are helping him manage his ADHD and sensory issues so good!

Calm & Focus
Christina Lopez
Calm and Focus

Ordered thinking it would help my 21 year old son with his daily meltdowns. Was hoping this would be the fix to at least somewhat calm him down. I guess it’s not really for everyone. Well, onto finding something else.


This works great for our 4.5 year old.

Exceptional Product

We have a grandson with some pre-birth exposures to in utero toxins that created a hyper nervous system and an over active brain.
Since putting him on Spectrum Heroes Multi Vitamin Supplement his ability to concentrate and focus has improved 180 degrees. His tantrums have all but disappeared. His sleep pattern is 100 percent improved. And his immune system is stronger than it has been and that is of great significance in these times.
Thank 🙏 you Spectrum Hero’s multivitamin! This product has changed the course of my grandson’s life! And we are forever grateful.
A side note- I have taken vitamins all my life and the quality of this product is of pharmaceutical grade and well worth the price!


No complaints from my little guy when I add this to his drink.

easy to take!

My 6 year old takes this easily when mixed with juice!

Gut Immune Protect

Great product work for our son. I mix in yogurt. He loves it.

Super omega liquid

This supplement is amazing! I’ve been using about a month and I have seen a major turn around in my sons adhd symptoms. I will continue to buy!

Calm & Focus
Ashley Ramirez

Okay, i must say this stuff is great. My LO was having quite a lot of meltdowns recently and being non verbal can make it hard to understand why. But this has calmed him down at least 80%. Thank you for this