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Crucial for help my son's nutrition!

Our 3yo son's dietitian who specializes in ASD recommended this multivitamin after looking at his nutrient deficiencies via a panel and how can support him. We were using a gummy multivitamin before, and although this is a powder, it contains much more nutrients than a gummy can. We have mixed this in both orange and apple juice and he takes it no problem. It is a little harder to mix, but we use a milk frother to help mix it well. I'm glad he doesn't have an aversion to it.

Within a few days of taking it, my son's novel sentences has increased and imitiation skills have increased as well. He seems to be interacting more with his surroundings, more flexible, overall friendlier, and seems to be getting a better night's sleep. His dietitian says that sometimes it takes many months before his body optimizes to the nutritional support, so I'm hopeful that these gains will only continue! We will be continuing to be using this supplement!

My spectrum heros vitamin

It seems like a good blend of vitamins. It is very hard to mix into juice. It takes me forever to get the clumps to dissolve. It also stained my cups orange. Overall it's ok but I won't be buying again.

Looks super teast great

My girl likes it and shes more calm and focus while shes study her school thanks super heros

Super mag

I purchased this for my ADHD son. Which we do not give medicine, my son would have weight lose and ticks he would get with ADHD medication. So we took him off with Dr permission. COVID hit we saw how unfocused he would be on computer doing school work. I recently found that vitamin help with adhd. He has been taking it every morning. I do see such a difference with the hyphens . Thanks


My daughter is on the keto diet and this multivitamin is part of my daughter's keto supplements. It has no impact on ketones. I am happy with this supplement. My daughter is very sensitive to taste but likes the taste of it. Her sleep improves a lot.

Great quality!

We switched to this brand of multivitamin for my 3 yo with ASD after we did labs and found out, despite all our supplementation, he was still low on B5 and some other nutrients! His old multi didn't have B5 in it. This vitamin has it all and in an easy to use powder. We put it in my son's milk and shake it up. Taste is not too strong and could be easily masked in juice as well. We will continue to use My Spectrum Heroes multi!!!

Still making a difference after one year

These multivitamins are a goldmine. I mix it in with strawberry soya based yogurt and he takes to it well. After one year, I am still seeing improvements. A great investment which has made a difference to my boy

Sleeps Good!

I usually give it to my son around 7:30pm by 8pm he goes to sleep with no hassle. It was a battle every night before this of him not wanting to go to sleep. Has helped a lot with his anxiety at night!

Turning my guy into a chatterbox!

I ordered this product after reading some research on the positive benefits of probiotics for children on the autism spectrum. I decided on spectrum heroes after seeing that lactobacillus was an imperative ingredient in all of the positive studies. (Since my son has never had stomach issues, I'd never thought about probiotics previously.). He has been on it for a few weeks now and he is making such progress in his social skills! His BT's and teachers at school commented how he has suddenly begun noticing other people and commenting on their hair or shirts... whereas previously he would talk at someone and walk away... now he is initiating conversations based on observations. My only regret is that we didn't start this sooner!

I used 3 products

I used the multi vitamin which was a god sent as it’s difficult to get Adequate nutrition for my 17 son on the spectrum. he’s super sensitive to taste but I was able to mask it with a fruit punch powder mix. To this I added the second product the vitamin D and although it has a slight oily texture I LOVE that it’s flavorless so he didn’t mind it at all. The omega was a bit more challenging and although it does have a mango flavor it’s still oil based obviously and still has the fish taste not strong but still there. I knew my son was not going to have that so I got creative and put it in his night time medicine for seizures he takes and it went right down . I was surprised that he didn’t complain about the taste at all. I guess it’s still better than his medicine lol I’m def ordering all 3 products again and can’t wait to try others. This has truly been a blessing . I’ve been looking for all of these options for years!

Great product

I started my daughter on this a few months ago. I honestly didn’t think there was a noticeable change until I stopped giving it to her. There is definitely a big change in her behavior or this product.

Highly recommend product

This supplement has work wonders on my son from his tantrums and behavior has changed the last 3 months of using this product. Someone in the family recommended it to us and I swear this product has helped with his focus and listening. I'm beyond grateful that this product has help my son so much in growth and development.

Immediate results

I was skeptical before trying this, but our 24-month-old ASD son’s sleeping was so bad that we were willing to try anything. Literally the first day we gave it to him he slept through the night for the first time in weeks. And then the night after that and the night after that. He immediately went from sleeping through the night maybe once every couple of weeks (if we were lucky) to only waking up in the night once every couple of weeks. It has been a drastic and immediate difference and we are extremely thankful for it. Our son is better rested because he’s no longer waking up at 2am in full meltdown every night. And so are we. If you have an ASD child with sleep issues you NEED to try this.

So happy

We decided to try my spectrum heroes multivitamin and probiotic, as our toddler does not eat a variety of foods. We noticed a positive difference in him in the first week. He has been babbling more and his behaviors seem improved. We are planning to try the omega vitamin next. :)

Vitamin D Supplement

Our son Eben will not take any pills and is very sensitive to different tastes. His doctor said he needed to be on a Vit D supplement because Eben’s levels were so low. Finding My Spectrum Hero’s Immuni-D Liquid was a God send! Eben takes his dose with no issues. We would recommend it to anyone!


Used this product and it helps our son be more calm

Great supplement

Noticed improvements in my son since starting him on the My heroes supplements. Thank you!!

Great supplement

My son takes it with no problems. We noticed great improvements since starting him on the My spectrum heroes supplements.


This is my 3rd week of using this product on my 3yr old son. In all honesty I haven't seen a significant change in him... He already had language but it is inconsistent... It remains that way atm after using this product but I have noticed that he has reduced stimming. Overall, I'm happy if it gives him the nutrients he needs since he very picky eater and restricts himself to handful of foods.

Probotic Helps with regularity

I love this product. My son has only been on this product two weeks and it has helped so much with his constipation. He has bowel movements regularly now.

Very effective, but strong flavor

I bought this for my daughter, but she won't take it because of the flavor. I didn't want to waste it, so I started taking it. I have ADHD and have a prescription for Vyvance, but it disrupts my sleep so much that I don't like taking it. This vitamin is so much more effective for me than the prescribed medications. I am hoping to find a way to get it into my daughter's diet. Until then, I just bought more for myself.

Multivitamin powder

Kids take it well with orange juice. We've only had it a few weeks and just upped the dosage, but we'll buy one more to see if there's a positive change like others have experienced.

Wish it wasnt powder

Both my kids have ASD and take vitamins like champs, but unfortunately the powder form isnt as easy as i thought. Ive hid it in all kinds of foods and drinks. They refuse to take it. I put very little in as the directions say so they get used to it, but they just wont take it. The taste must be very strong. They aren't picky eater either so it shocked me when they wouldn't take it. They see the container now and run. 🙄 ive wasted so much of it. So i threw $50 away unfortunately. I wont be able to buy this again until it comes in another form like a chewable. I was so excited by the reviews and still want to use it for my kids. But i cant force them to take it. 😔

Multivitamin Mineral Plus

This product is very good and it has been beneficial to my kid

Multivitamins Minerals

Thank you for products and the addition of extra moisture card. We look forward to using this new batch of multivitamins