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Benefits of Our Products

Quality and Efficacy

My Spectrum Heroes™ is committed to offering evidence-based formulas with superior raw materials and in optimal potencies. Unlike most vitamins and supplements on the market today, our formulas contain the therapeutic amounts necessary for efficacy. We source only the highest quality raw materials; all sourced in the USA and in bioavailable forms.

Third Party Lab Tested

We rigorously test each batch of our products to ensure purity and stability, as well as test for microbial detection. We exceed industry standards and utilize an unbiased third-party laboratory for this premium testing so we can ensure that your loved one is getting what we claim and nothing else.

Formulated to be free of common allergens

My Spectrum Heroes™ nutritional supplements are formulated to be free of gluten, casein, soy, GMO’s, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. We know how sensitive some kiddos are and we wanted to ensure that our products don’t introduce any unwanted allergens. 

Why My Spectrum Heroes™?

Studies show that a child's developing brain and nervous system need specialized nutritional support to give them their powers. We know that it's difficult to encourage healthy food choices in kids, especially in our picky eaters. This is where My Spectrum Heroes™ nutritional supplements come to the rescue. We decided to fill in the vitamin and mineral gaps to give you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your child is getting the very best nutrition for brain health, even if they forget to eat their veggies today! 

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Help your child reach their highest potential

My Spectrum Heroes™ contains the top research-backed nutrients to support the healthy growth of brain cells. We hand selected this superstar group of nutrients to help your little hero reach their highest potential. Most children's vitamins do not contain the exclusive mind support ingredients that we have selectively chosen for our formula.

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Featured Superpowers

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Calm & Focus
Probiotic Essentials Powder
Super Omega Liquid Dietary Supplement


Foundational Nutrition Support PLUS Bundle
Gut Support Plus Bundle Dietary Supplements
Immune Support PLUS Bundle

What People Are Saying

I am both a board-certified family/primary care and a psychiatric NP. I own a psychiatric practice that treats both children and adults. I was so so so so excited when I found this product. I have the kiddos I treat take a counter full of supplements and vitamins. This product contains everything I recommend all in one. My recommendations are based on evidence-based research to help support spectrum related disorders. I am so grateful (as are my patients and their parents) for this all in one product. I have my adults take it too. So happy!

Rhonda H.

My son had tolerated My Spectrum Heroes Multivitamin well. No tummy issues at all and that has been an issue in the past. I noticed immediately that within a couple of days he was more alert, and his words were more clear. His speech and OT therapists commented on the same things. He is sleeping great and seems to have more energy during the day. His concentration has improved as well. I am happy with everything so far. I think continued use will be easy and we may keep seeing more improvements. So far so good!

Virginia C.

Been using on my 15-year-old nonverbal. He came in my room the other night and said, “Hi Mom”. He also stopped stimming and is sleeping so much better too. I’ve got to tell you, we were thinking we were going to have to put our son in a home because having 3 others, we couldn’t handle him. But now he is doing so much better and I hope we keep making progress. His doctor that has seen him for years was so impressed. I think he is feeling much better and we haven’t even given him the full dose yet, so hopefully more improvements when I up it.

Susan O.