My Spectrum Heroes


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My Spectrum Heroes

Heroic Nutritional Support for Your Child’s Growing Brain

A child’s developing nervous system needs specialized nutritional support to give them their powers. My Spectrum Heroes™ delivers the building blocks of brain health with its research-backed blend of supportive vitamins and minerals (the super powers in My Spectrum Heroes™).
Why My Spectrum Heroes™?
Sometimes, your child may have difficulty getting his or her nutritional needs from the food they eat, especially if they are picky eaters. This is where our superhero nutritional supplements come to the rescue. Science shows that children’s developing minds require unique nutrient support, and some need extra special, targeted brain support for healthy nervous system function, so we wanted to deliver the heroes of brain health in a convenient and easy nutritional supplement for kids.
My Spectrum Heroes™ supports brain cell development and growth through nutrients supported by scientific research. We hand-selected this superstar group of nutrients to help your little star shine even brighter. Some of the heroes found in our signature Multivitamin Mineral Plus include:
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine: shuttles fats into active brain cells for energy
  • Choline: helps to form thoughts and memories
  • Coenzyme Q10: supports brain cell energy production
  • Inositol: increases serotonin for calm, happy moods
  • MSM: helps clear waste products from the body and supports healthy inflammation
  • MTHF: keeps DNA healthy while the nervous system develops
  • NAC: supplies antioxidants for high-speed brain function
My Spectrum Heroes™ helps your child reach his or her highest potential. We consider these nutritional supplements our heroes because they will be your child’s new superpower.
Since some children have food, dye and flavor sensitivities—their "kryptonite"—our formula is extra gentle and made to our strictest standards with no unwanted additives. Our formulas avoid the use of any gluten, soy, casein, or artificial dyes, flavors, or sweeteners.
Let your child reach new heights with My Spectrum Heroes™—quality nutrient supplementation up to the task of supporting your little loved one’s growing mind.