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Hand-selected Nutrients To Help Your Little Hero Reach Their Highest Potential

Multivitamin Mineral Plus
Calm & Focus
Probiotic Essentials Powder
Super Omega Liquid Dietary Supplement
Immuni-D Liquid Dietary Supplement (Kids)
Magnesium Dietary Supplement
Foundational Nutrition Support PLUS Bundle
Multivitamin Mineral Plus Capsules
Super Mag Capsules Dietary Supplement
Gut Immune Protect Dietary Supplement
GI Shield Dietary Supplement
Fiber Balance Plus Powder
Super Fruits & Veggies Powder Dietary Supplement
Super Omega 3 Soft Gels
Foundational Nutrition Support Bundle
Probiotic Essentials Capsules
My Spectrum Heroes™ Super Hero Cape and Mask
Super Fruits & Veggies Capsules Dietary
Melatonin Dietary Supplement
Super C Powder
Immuni-D + K2 Liquid (Teen/Adult)
Gut Support Plus Bundle Dietary Supplements
Gut Immune Protect Capsules
My Spectrum Heroes™ Blender Bottles
Fiber Balance Plus Capsules
Immune Support PLUS Bundle
Super C Capsules Dietary Supplement
Gut Support Bundle Dietary Supplement
Immune Support Bundle