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Protection Against Harmful Invaders in Your Child’s Gut

A number of children who have autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) experience chronic digestive issues including a leaky gut.

If this issue is not addressed, harmful substances (e.g., toxins, foreign invaders) may begin to leak into the bloodstream causing the immune system to become overwhelmed. 

An overwhelmed immune system can become overactive and lead to abnormal inflammatory responses. This causes children with neurodevelopmental disorders to experience intestinal discomfort that worsens psychiatric traits [3, 4].

My Spectrum Heroes™ Gut Immune Protect is an immunoglobulin-based supplement that helps maintain a healthy intestinal immune system by binding to harmful invaders in the gut. 

The gut barrier or intestinal lining plays a key role in immune health. More specifically, a strong gut barrier prevents unwanted particles from traveling into the bloodstream where they can cause illnesses. Immunoglobulins have an exceptional capacity to bind to a broad range of harmful invaders as well as toxins in the gut to promote their elimination before the immune system becomes activated.

This means that immunoglobulins positively influence gut barrier function. In addition, as unwanted triggers are cleared, it resets healthy immune responses.

These are key processes that target psychiatric traits for children with neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., ADHD, autism). 

In addition to improving immune system activity, My Spectrum Heroes™ Gut Immune Protect targets digestive issues such as diarrhea by supporting proper nutrient absorption and a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

These properties not only improve immune responses, but promote more efficient nutrient transfer as well as enhanced clearance of invaders. All of these processes heighten digestive function in children who have neurodevelopmental disorders. Improved gut health leads to better behavioral, communication, and social skills as well.

My Spectrum Heroes™ Gut Immune Protect provides the highest immunoglobulin G (IgG) concentration for digestive and immune challenges, particularly when allergens are a major concern.

Indeed, this potent supplement provides 1,200 mg IgG in one serving. This revolutionary supplement enhances immune system and digestive function, which are vital for improved overall health in children with autism or ADHD. Adding it to a child’s regular diet can quickly boost quality of life.


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