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Probiotics Support Optimal Mental Health

Probiotics are good bacteria that support various aspects of health. More specifically, probiotics promote proper digestion, enhance heart health, strengthen the immune system, improve the body’s response to allergens, and increase nutrient absorption [1-5].

However, probiotics also help enhance mental health [6]. Indeed, clinical studies show that probiotics target depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and memory impairments as well as emotional and development difficulties that are linked to the onset of certain psychiatric problems [7].

Probiotics interact with the nervous system through their influence on the immune system and the hormonal system as well as via their ability to heighten the absorption of nutrients in the gut [7, 8]. This in turn, improves the body’s regulation of mood and behavior.

The influence of probiotics is noticeable because there are nerves that connect the brain to the gut (digestive tract), which are directly involved in memory, learning, and emotion control.

If the digestive tract is not functioning properly due to nutritional deficiencies or inflammation for example, then the communication between the gut and brain will become altered and this can negatively affect mental health [7, 8].

Probiotics enhance the absorption of essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc., by preventing them from being rapidly broken down by stomach acid [9-11].

This improves the concentration of nutrients that actually reach the bloodstream and ensures that vital organs (e.g., brain) receive the nutrients that support optimal health.

Similarly, probiotics help target digestive inflammation [1, 12], thereby ensuring proper communication between the nerves in the gut and the nerves in the brain that they are connected to.

Therefore, the versatile nature of probiotics boosts mental health in addition to physical health.

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