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Improved Bowel Regularity for Enhanced Quality of Life with Autism and ADHD

Did you know that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more susceptible to constipation than children without ADHD? Those who have autism are also at risk for frequent constipation as well as other forms of gastric distress.

This is why we formulated My Spectrum Heroes™ Fiber Balance Plus. It is an optimal source of dietary fiber that supports smooth bowel movements. Its fiber content supports balanced microflora (gut bacteria) as well.

Diet has always been described as an important area of focus for children with autism or ADHD due to the link between mental health and gastrointestinal function.

Unfortunately, most children who have these neurodevelopmental disorders struggle with restrictive eating. This can lead to poor intake of soluble or insoluble fiber, both of which promote a healthy colon.

My Spectrum Heroes™ Fiber Balance Plus contains each type of fiber, but is a particularly good source of soluble fiber from psyllium husk and flaxseed.

Consuming large amounts of refined sugars or carbohydrates in combination with foods that are low in fiber tend to slow down bowel transit time. This increases the risk of constipation.

Worsened ADHD behaviors have been linked to a ‘Western’ diet, which is typically high in processed sugars and fats. An unhealthy colonic environment alters mental health by disrupting the transfer of signals from nerves in the intestines to the brain.

Fiber Balance Plus enhances intestinal function by forming a gel in the GI tract that slows the absorption of glucose (sugar). It binds to cholesterol molecules as well. This helps maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

In addition to its fiber content, Fiber Balance Plus contains ingredients such as rice bran, apple pectin, figs, and prunes. For children with ADHD or autism, adding this blend of nutrients to the diet can increase the frequency of smooth bowel movements and promote optimal nutrient absorption by improving communication between the gut and brain.

As an additional benefit, My Spectrum Heroes™ Fiber Balance Plus is easy to take as it comes in a convenient powder form that can be mixed with any type of beverage. It's yummy apple-cinnamon flavor is a favorite.

Less bowel problems equal fewer autism and ADHD behaviors. One or two servings a day is all it takes to promote long-term bowel regularity. 


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