Immune Support Bundle New

Providing the body with proper immune supportive nutrients is a great way to help support a healthy and normal immune response.

Our Immune Support Bundle #1 includes: Our Multivitamin Mineral PlusSuper C Powder, and Immuni-D Liquid

Immuni-D – Immuni-D Liquid helps support optimal levels of vitamin D as well as overall health in children, supporting healthy bones, along with heart health, musculoskeletal balance, and immunity. 

Super C Powder - A vitamin widely known for its role in supporting immunity, vitamin C offers potent antioxidant protection, and boosts immune function. Our Super C Powder is balanced with calcium, magnesium and potassium to deliver a high dose of vitamin C and reduce the chance of GI upset.

My Spectrum Heroes™ Multivitamin and Mineral Plus - Designed to support children's neurocognitive health. It contains a nourishing blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and active compounds to support the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system. The formulation also bridges nutritional gaps that are commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder.


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