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Why Vitamin D is Key for ADHD and ASD

It has long been known that Vitamin D is essential for maintaining the mineralization of healthy bones, but lately, researchers uncovered that it can regulate the expression of hundreds of genes involved in many important biological functions.

Among its many benefits, Vitamin D has been found to support immune health, helping support normal levels of inflammation and normal cell growth as well as cognitive health, which for children with ADHD and ASD, are of the utmost importance.

Specifically, it is active in brain development, and has significant effects on cell replication, signaling, and neuroprotection, neurotransmission and brain plasticity.(1)

A number of solid studies have been conducted on Vitamin D and ASD and have highlighted important benefits of supplementation. In one study of 215 children with ASD and 285 healthy children, lower levels of Vitamin D were identified in ASD children than typically developing children. Those levels were negatively correlated with healthy language and behavior. However, after supplementing with vitamin D3, these symptoms improved.(2) 

In another study of 122 children with ASD and healthy controls, 57% of the patients had vitamin D deficiency, and 30% had vitamin D insufficiency. They found that average levels of the vitamin in those with more severe ASD were significantly lower than those with mild to moderate autism.

In addition, 80.72% of subjects who received vitamin D3 treatment had significantly better Childhood Autism Rating Scale scores and measures of stereotypical behavior, eye contact, and attention span.(3) 

Research in children with ADHD has highlighted similar benefits, with vitamin D supporting improvement in cognitive function, inattention, opposition, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.(4,5) 

Since supplementation is beneficial, safe and cost effective, Vitamin D is a worthy choice for easing many of the symptoms of ADHD and ASD.

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